How to Downgrade Chrome on Windows 10 Pro

Google Chrome rolled out an update today that broke the WebCam integration for one of our clients. They started to receive an error message when invoking the WebCam that they had not seen before.

We dug into the WebCam code, but it’s late on a Friday night. There is no way that we can patch this now, so we opted to downgrade Chrome.

The trouble is downgrading Chrome is not so easy because Google is brutal about keeping Chrome up to date. I searched Google and none of the suggestions worked, so we had to brute force it with these steps.

Here are the steps that we had to take.

  1. On your Windows search bar type Add or Remove Programs
  2. Navigate to Add or Remove Programs
  3. Type Chrome into the Search box in the Add or Remove Program screen
  4. Hit Uninstall
  5. Follow the instructions to remove. Remove your previous browsing data.
  6. Open IE
  7. Navigate to
  8. Select Version 69.0.3497.92


  1. Select to Download the version. Do not Run.
  2. When it’s done downloading, select the Open folder button.
  3. In the download folder, double click on Chrome StandaloneSetup64.exe


  1. When Chrome prompts to make use of Google Update, say NO
  2. Follow the remaining steps to install chrome
  3. After Chrome launches, shut Chrome immediately.
  4. Open Task Manager, find Google Installer
  5. Right mouse click on Google Installer, select Open file location.
  6. Control will be granted to Explorer. Keep the Explorer open
  7. Go back to Task Manager, select the Google Installer process again, right mouse click, select End task. Kill the Google Installer.
  8. Switch back to Explorer. On my machine, the location is C:\Users\Joel\AppData\Local\Google\Update
  9. Rename the Google\Update Folder to Google\BadUpdate. If for some reason, you can’t rename the Update folder. Go back into Task Manager and kill every Google Chrome and Google Installer process that you can find.
  10. Launch Chrome.
  11. Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, select Settings from the Menu.
  12. In the Settings view, click on the Hamburger menu, click on the About Chrome button.
  13. You should be stuck on the current version of Chrome.


If at a later date you want to turn Google Update back on, simply rename the BadUpdate folder back to Update and restart Chrome.