Top 3 Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

Collaboration tools

What are collaboration tools?

Online collaboration tools are tools that help teams organize their objectives and goals. These tools help remote teams collaborate, communicate, coordinate, and cooperate on projects.

Why use collaboration tools?

These days, finding people that are right for your team can be an utterly tricky task. Even more difficult is finding the right person who would be willing to relocate. With help from online collaboration tools, businesses are able to find success by using various tools inside of their organization to keep their remote team organized.

Types of Tools


Google Drive
Google Drive is a versatile cloud storage service that enables users to store various file types in large capacity. Google Drive offers a suite of collaboration tools that allows teams to work together in real time.


Slack is a messaging and file sharing software that helps keep teams organized as efficiently as if they would face-to-face. Slack keeps the collaboration process effortless by allowing easy integration with third-party plugins, like Jira to track bugs, tasks and time or Google Drive for file updates.



Jira is an online project management tool that helps businesses track, manage and assign tasks, bugs, improvements and more to individuals team members.


We strongly suggest giving these tools a gander but keep in mind, they may not be a good fit for every team. Companies should research and find software that meets their specific needs. Drop us a line and share your favorite collaboration tools.