Meet our team of technical experts

We are a fast-growing team of technical experts. We solve problems. We build companies.

Joel Garcia has been building AllCode since 2015. He’s an innovative, hands-on executive with a proven record of designing, developing, and operating Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), mobile, and desktop solutions. Joel has expertise in HealthTech, VoIP, and cloud-based solutions. Joel has experience scaling multiple start-ups for successful exits to IMS Health and Golden Gate Capital, as well as working at mature, industry-leading software companies. He’s held executive engineering positions in San Francisco at TidalWave, LittleCast, Self Health Network, LiveVox acquired by Golden Gate Capital, and Med-Vantage acquired by IMS Health.

He has a BA in Mathematics from Carleton College.

NICK MOHAN Project Management
He has advanced his career in project management, product management, providing full-scale SaaS product development and Go-to-Marketing expertise for cutting edge healthcare technology companies that target consumers. Nikhil has build a reputation for effective and detailed planning, process engineering, controlling costs and managing relationships with internal staff and technology partners, coordinating all phases of development, release management and new product launches.

He has a BBA in Marketing from Boise State.

LYDA BENHAMSales and Marketing
Lydia specializes in working with innovative clients and builds successful and effective products with a proven team of developers, designers and project managers. Her previous company, SmallTalk, built the BlazeJobs platform that was featured in Start Up Alley at the 2016 National Restaurant Associations Show.

She has a BA in from the University of Oklahoma

Sabine is responsible for Product and QA. Sabine has led QA and Product Management for the Self Health Network, TidalWave, and MedVantage. Sabine was the Director of Web for Embarcadero Technologies, the #1 performing IPO of 2000.

She has a BA in Sociology from the University of California Santa Cruz.

MIKE ALVAREZSenior Full Stack Engineer - iOS and RoR
Mike is a Senior Full Stack Engineer who has been working on a number of projects for a veritable cornucopia of companies over the last 10 years. Mike is typically responsible for the design, development, and delivery of large scale projects. He has significant experience with Java, Ruby, RoR, Android, Objective C, PHP, Sencha, and ActionScript running predominantly on Linux. He easily learns new software development technologies. He is a developer who is always ready to take on a challenge, and eager to transform software into solutions for your company.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in System Engineering.

HANS OSPINASenior Full Stack Engineer - iOS, Android, and NodeJS
Hans is a Senior Full Stack Engineer in a wide variety of fields including Business Applications and BPM projects. He’s always interested in integration projects, software design, and BPM trends. He has a strong background in the Java Enterprise world (more than 10 years). He also has been developing successful web apps using Node.js and RoR for the last couple of years. On the mobile front, he’s been focused on native iOS/Android development with more than 10 different apps in the App Store and Google Play currently running business transactions for happy customers.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in System Engineering and Project Management.

ANDRES JARAMILLOSenior Full Stack Engineer - Android, RoR, and PHP
Andres is a Senior Full Stack Engineer and Architect with over 8 years of experience building applications that work and delight. He’s an expert in app development on RoR, PHP, Java, Android, HTML5, Node JS, Sencha, C#, with multiple architectures (from SOA to event driven).

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and a passion for technology that pushes everything to the next level.

EDISON CASTRILLONSenior Full Stack Engineer - Java, RoR, Python
Edison is Senior Full Stack Engineer with more than twelve years of experience in building web applications. These web applications have been built in Java, .Net, PHP, and RoR. Edison has significant experience with different database engines in the market including Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, and MySQL. Edison prides himself on his ability to work as part of a team, his capacity to work under pressure, and his desire for self study.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in System Engineering.

Estefania Jaramillo
Estefania JaramilloSenior Designer
Estefania is a Senior Designer who spearheads our User-Center Design Approach.

She has a BA in Design from La Universidad de Medellín.