On Friday August 9th, 2019, the Yahoo Mail account that I had been using for > 20 years disappeared, joelphilipgarcia. That’s right. My Yahoo ID disappeared.

I initially signed up for Yahoo Mail in the 1990s when Yahoo Messenger was the prevalent form of chat prior to Skype and Slack. My use of my Yahoo Email has waned over the years. Now, my Yahoo Mail is gone. It vanished right before my eyes.

Last Wednesday, I received an email notification warning from Yahoo that someone was trying to hack into my account. Someone had managed to reset my recovery email to joelpg@mainnesia.com. This email address is not mine. I have no idea how this person was able to access my account.

I quickly reset my password within 2 minutes, reset my recovery email, turned on 2 factor authentication, and prayed.

My Yahoo account continued to work for a couple of more days. On the morning of August 9th, everything went dark. This time I didn’t receive any notifications from Yahoo. My Yahoo Email account disappeared into thin air.

In the subsequent days, I’ve tried the Yahoo signup helper located here. My id is not recognized.

When I enter my recovery phone number, Yahoo routes me to an email that I DID NOT CREATE.

The email address that I didn’t signup for has 2 emails from Yahoo. Not the 41,830 unread emails in one of the previous screenshots.

My fear is that Yahoo has been hacked.

I was finally able to make contact with Yahoo Support via this link.

They suggested that I try to re-register with the same Yahoo ID. Unfortunately, when I try to re-register I get “A Yahoo account already exists with this email address.”

When I told the Yahoo technical support representative that I was not able to re-register, initially, they were out of ideas. I then called back, and escalated the ticket.