NEO Flux aims to be the first lightweight C# NEO API server

AllCode has started publishing to our neo-flux github repository.

AllCode started working on neo-flux after incurring pain with neo-python due to neo-python’s requirement that the NEO production or test blockchain be synchronized in order to make use of it. neo-flux is based upon on the City of Zion project, neo-lux.

What does neo-flux currently do

– This project aims to be the first lightweight C# NEO API server, which can be installed and used right away without requiring synchronizing with the NEO Production Blockchain. If you have any experience using neo-python, you’ll understand the benefit of not having to synchronize.

– All transactions can be securely processed without having open wallets on the server. All of the other NEO server apps require an existing wallet to remain open.

– Each operation rotates to a different RPC node. All of the other NEO apps stick to the most recent working RPC node.

– RPC Nodes are checked before performing operations on them. Slow, dead, or otherwise unreachable nodes are discarded, so, the server is always connected to working fast RPC nodes.

– Gracefully handles failed transactions by using up configurable retries spread out over a configurable timespan.

– Ability to close the server to ensure selected clients can use it, which gives us control for specific products.

– Easy to use, JSON focused API

– Configured with NEO RPC Nodes that work. If you don’t understand why you need to make use of different seed nodes then please see Configuring the NEO-GUI and NEO-LUX to use different NEO Seed Nodes


] – Support for additional pools of NEO RPC Nodes including the AllCode Test Network

What neo-flux will do

– Check heights
– Support logged in users
– Monitoring UI

NEO Flux