Last year, healthcare blockchain projects began to develop quickly and in great number, and many successfully secured funding by launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). As the market matures, it is becoming clear that one industry is leveraging blockchain technology and ICOs to become an effective disruptor: healthcare. The healthcare industry is bogged down with expensive and inefficient intermediaries between patients, providers, and processes. New blockchain-based systems will reduce intermediaries and create interoperability, solving a lot of health information-related pain points.

AllCode is working with several healthcare-focused clients who are making great use of the blockchain and ICOs.

One of the companies that AllCode is partnering with to present a new healthcare system is Universal Health Coin. The UhX platform is a token-based healthcare finance system utilizing blockchain technology to decentralize the provision and fair payment of health services worldwide. The Universal Healthcoin token sale begins on July 2, 2018. Check their website for details. If you’d like to participate, then sign up for their KYC.

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PeerAtlas is another healthcare-focused client that was in the process of launching their ICO on NEO when a partnership was announced with Iscientia. PeerAtlas is using the blockchain to democratize access to high-quality medical information. Their digital token, ATLAS, will make medical information accessible and peer-reviewed, permanently, by rewarding creators of articles and algorithms useful to medical professionals. Read more about their token sale by visiting their website.

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NurseToken is tackling a global shortage of nurses with its decentralized credential & payment system. The platform increases nurse portability, enables hospitals to fill much needed positions on-demand, and offers more uniform and universalized payments to nurses worldwide by leveraging the NEO blockchain. NurseToken’s token sale begins August 1, 2018. For more information, visit their site.. If you’d like to participate, then sign up for their KYC.

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AllCode works with clients to map out a successful ICO and software development strategy.

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