AllCode recently released FLRup, the iOS mobile application, which enables you to fill up your gas tank and get a snack without leaving the comforts of your car.

Gone are the days of waiting for your pump, filling up your gas, spilling gas on your hands, and eating your snack with gas hands while fumbling with your credit card to pay.

With FLRup, you can reserve your pump, Coke, and Doritos on your mobile device. When you arrive, your FLRupr will be waiting to service you. If that’s not enough, with FLRup, you don’t even have to dig into your pants looking for your wallet with stinky gas hands to pay. FLRup will automatically deduct your gas bill from your credit card, just like Uber!

FLRup makes it super simple to request fuel service:

  • Open the app
  • The app will use your location to show stations nearby that make use of FLRup
  • Select a station
  • Choose your pump and fuel type
  • Pick a tasty snack
  • Place your order
  • Drive to the gas station
  • Get your car’s gas tank filled up
  • Enjoy your Doritos and Coke
  • Pay with a credit card associated with your FLRup account
  • Drive away without having gas hands

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