Contact Us to Start Your Ethereum ICO

Are you looking to do an Initial Coin Offering  on the Ethereum Blockchain to fund your current platform?

Let us help you quickly get started on your Ethereum ICO.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Editing, writing and polishing white-papers

  • Assisting with KYC Setup, Pre-Sales, and Token Auditing

  • Partnerships with Hedge Fund companies who might participate in your Pre-Sale or Private Offering.

  • Marketing the ICO through various channels, such as Telegram, Reddit…

  • Experienced in Blockchain Development (Smart Contracts, DApps, Offchain Synchronization) – Check out one of our Smart Token Contracts,

  • Deploy the ICO to the Ethereum Test Blockchain – Testnet

  • Deploy the ERC20 Smart contract to the Ethereum Production Blockchain based upon Open Zepplin and Truffle.

  • Manage the life-cycle of the ICO from pre-sales to …

  • Providing updates on the number of tokens issued.

  • Assisting with refunds.

  • Building Custom Wallets

Code for an Initial Coin Offering Fund raise

Within 1-3 months, we can launch your ICO with the following schedule:

  • ICO Development kickoff

  • Initial Marketing Efforts

  • Develop influencer network

  • Initial Ethereum access

  • Deploy ICO Smart Contract to Testnet

  • Website enhancements & backend for KYC

  • KYC verification entity integration

  • Finalize and release white paper

  • Open private offer for Pre-Sale

  • ICO Smart contract testing & auditing

  • Security audit of ICO contract

  • KYC audits completed

  • ICO kicks-offICO closes

  • Tokens distributed

  • Regulatory compliance updates