Create a Survey in Sendgrid Using Google Forms

creating a survey in sendgrid using google forms

Surveys are a great way to capture information, collect feedback, and glean vital decision-making insight. Getting people to interact with your surveys is the tricky part.

People tend to avoid partaking in surveys that direct them away to another page. By embedding a snippet of code, you can incorporate a survey directly into your Sengrid campaign to facilitate swift user response across your entire contact list.

Adding a Google Forms Project in Sendgrid

Rather than collecting responses dispersed across various platforms, you can use Google Forms as a hub for straight-forward data processing and organization.

Create a survey in Google Forms.

Create a Google Forms Project

Click on Settings and choose who can view the survey.

Share Google Slide Form

Click “Send” and fill out the “To” section with the email of your choice. (Can be unrelated to the outgoing email address in your Sendgrid)

Send email to your email

Select the box, “Include form in email” and click Send.

Include form in email

Open the email, right-click on the form and click Inspect.

Inspect Google Forms in email

Find the code starting with, <div align=”center” and click Copy.

Copy code snippet

Drag the Code element into your Sendgrid campaign and Paste the code.

Paste code in Sendgrid

Send a test email.

Send test email

Check email and submit a response.

Check email for survey

Check the responses in Google Forms.

Check google forms for survey responses