Multi-channel customer communication platform

Assisting you in building reliable and meaningful connections with your customers via SMS, email, and VoIP communication.


Send automated email campaigns, track results, and make informed decisions.


Pick up the pace with SMS connectivity’s two-way capabilities.


Get straight to the point by reaching users on VoIP and close more deals.

Expand your reach and get rapid, reliable results with just one platform

Gain the competitive edge and tie up the loose ends in your outbound marketing efforts through CCAI’s multi-channel outreach platform.


Send your audience personalized call-to-actions on their preferred platform.


Update your users on timely business matters – promos, events, etc…


Synchronize communication with your customers and employees with bulk texting.


Reach the right candidates quickly with effective cross-channel recruitment strategies.


Increase reply rates by contacting clients via SMS and close more deals.

Customer Feedback

Connect with consumers to capture product-improving information.

Free-flowing customer communication

Approach your users on the medium of their choice 
all on one platform in a secure and compliant manner.
Reach broader audiences
Collect consumer data
Direct personalized reminders
Close more contracts

Concentrated features for productive campaigns

Our feature-rich platform is designed to help you get the maximum impact out of each interaction.
SMS, Email, VoIP — one platform
Two-way messaging
Multiple users
Pre-built templates

Connecting with users has never been easier...

Sign up and send your first campaign in minutes. You’ll see how our personalized customer experience moves your business to the forefront with communicative agility.
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Shoot a Text
Send an Email
Make a Call
Attract Users

Engagement for companies like yours

Startup or established, tech company or coffee shop; maximize your potential with cross-channel marketing tailored for any business demand.

Debt Collection
Send personalized SMS messages to improve customer engagement and get paid faster.
Offer exclusive deals to consumers on items in their cart, driving action and encouraging purchases.
Keep compliant: notify patients about appointments, reduce the number of no-call / no-shows.
Real Estate
Remind potential buyers about consultations, offer deals, and streamline customer support.

Count on our guidance

Cloud Contact AI is ready to take your marketing up a notch — or 10! We offer unique user-first engagement tools and have professionals ready to optimize your outbound strategies for enhanced results.

Customer Service

Our around-the-clock customer service personnel are here to assist you.


We believe manual and repetitive tasks are best handled by AI.

Data-Driven AI

Your outlook and decision making are more certain than ever before.

Reach your audience instantly

Soon, the vast majority of consumers’ relationships with a company will be managed without interacting with a human being, thus the urgency for adapting your DIY customer service concept.