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AllCode delivered on Twilio’s Open Source Authy Helper Libraries for Go, PHP, Python, Java, and .NET. AllCode has also implemented a number of VoIP and SMS solutions on Twilio.

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AllCode provides assistance to DataStax customers on DSE including Search, Analytics, and Graph.


AllCode provides strategic VoIP consulting and services for the leading Cloud Contact Center.

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AllCode provides technical leadership, product management, development services in iOS, Android, and Cloud development for the Spanish telemedicine service.

The HIPAA compliant components of ConsejoSano are implemented at Aptible.

ConsejoSano received Series A funding in February of 2017

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ConsejoSano’s Series A Fund Raise

Let’s Play!

AllCode provides technical leadership, software development, devops, QA, and product management services for the national sports center which operates in 26 facilities and 11 states. The majority of the code is written in Ruby on Rails and runs at AWS.

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AllCode provides iOS, Android, and Cloud development services for the Employment Management Solution.

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iOS App

Android App

Companyons DoNext


AllCode provides development and devops for the Kyber Slack iOS Application written in Objective C and Ruby on Sinatra.

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Slack App

iOS App



AllCode develops native iOS, Android and Cloud apps for Joico.

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iOS App

Android App

Terra Vista Strings

Terra Vista Strings

AllCode provides Ruby on Rails development services for the Wedding Strings Quartet.

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AllCode provides software development and devops services for the Asset Based Lending Software as a Service solution written in J2EE.

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AllCode provides software development services in Ruby on Rails for the clinical trial recruitment platform.

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AllCode provides development and documentation services for the eCommerce Web Api written in PHP.

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Loon Medical Android and Ruby on Rails

Loon Medical, Inc.

AllCode develops the native iOs and Android mobile apps that integrate with proprietary healthcare devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Allcode also develops the Ruby on Rails application that runs on Heroku.

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Trove provides an iOS app for style and shopping. AllCode delivered the iOS app written in Swift and the Ruby on Rails app on AWS.

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iOS App

Medical Innovations Labs

AllCode delivered the iOS, Android, and Cloud app for Contex.

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AllCode delivered the Ruby on Rails app for Aforacare running on Aptible.

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AllCode delivered the iOS and Cloud App running on AWS for Uniquely Digital

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iOS App


AllCode delivers an iOS and Cloud App running on AWS for NourishedBabe

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iOS App

The MatDoc

AllCode delivers iOS and Cloud App running on AWS for TheMatDoc

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iOS App


AllCode delivered the iOS and Cloud App running on AWS for JustAskMe

iOS App


Embarcadero Technologies

AllCode did software for development for BlueTooth, Z-Wave, and Analytics development in Delphi, C++, and Java for Embarcadero’s RADStudio.

Embarcadero Technologies was acquired by Idera in 2016

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