5 Tips for Creating a Strong Password

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5 Tips for Creating a Strong Password Passwords protect the vulnerable information that makes up your life. Whether it be your bank information or social media account, behind the password lies personal details, which can be detrimental to your life if the wrong people compromised it. Creating a secure password can be [...]

3 most Common HIPAA Mistakes to Avoid

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Malicious third-parties can intercept protected Health Information (PHI) in several ways. This article pinpoints three of the top HIPAA mistakes that covered entities make and how to avoid them. Lost Devices Any device used at a clinic for practice purposes has the possibility of containing protected health information. You may not think about [...]

5 Ways to Stay Safe Online

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5 Ways to Stay Safe Online This day in age, our lives are revolved around social media and smart devices. Every day people’s private information is exploited across the internet. By taking a few precautions, people can do their best to avoid having their personal information being scattered across [...]

AWS SSL Certificates for Elastic Beanstalk

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AWS SSL Certificates for Elastic Beanstalk are a pain to configure so I put together the following. SSL certificates for your vanity domain will work correctly as long as users access your Elastic Beanstalk environment through your vanity domain name. Certs are not packaged with the war file, but are specified as part of the [...]

What do you do when your SSL Certificate expired?

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I ran into this problem the other day. My SSL Certificate expired for my dev domain. I went to Network Solutions, snagged a new Certificate using my old Certificate Signing Request (CSR), and tried to import it into my keystore. In the past, I’ve always generated my private key and CSR, and then imported a [...]

Minify Sencha ExtJs in Production

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The main issue that I’ve encountered using SenchaExtJs in Production is the compressed JavaScript after using JSBuilder is still large. JSBuilder does a nice job of compressing and obfuscating, but the generated app-all.js is still too big, which means that the initial response time for your app will be poor. To combat this drawback of [...]