FLRup – Your Full Service iOS Mobile Application

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AllCode recently released FLRup, the iOS mobile application, which enables you to fill up your gas tank and get a snack without leaving the comforts of your car. Gone are the days of waiting for your pump, filling up your gas, spilling gas on your hands, and eating your snack with gas hands while [...]

AllCode releases Walk Pro – An Augmented-Reality iOS Mobile Application

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This week, AllCode released Walk Pro for El Cavalho, an augmented-reality iOS mobile application used to count horse strides. Walk Pro gives equestrians a competitive advantage by using augmented-reality to survey their surroundings to get the most accurate stride count possible. Inclines, declines, wet surfaces, and hard or soft ground are observed and accounted [...]

Preview 2017: Top Programming Languages

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Preview 2017: Top Programming Languages Whether you are a seasoned Developer or new to the game, you will be aware of the many programming languages available to you as you start work on a new web or mobile app. Sometimes the decision about which language to use is straightforward, but other times you may have a [...]

Top Web & Mobile App Design Trends 2017

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App Design Trends for 2017 The field of digital design is developing at breakneck speed with terms such as User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI) and Interaction Design (IxD) becoming increasingly common. These fields of study and are getting better and better at finding the ‘sweet spot’ between technological capacity and human behaviour [...]

5 Easy Project Management Tips for 2017!

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Project Management Tips to Ensure Your Success in 2017! So you’re dreaming big dreams for 2017 - maybe you want to start a blog, set-up an ecommerce site for your handmade throw cushions, or finally create that cooking app that you always wish existed… but how do you get started? Whether the project you are [...]

ConsejoSano and Mercer sign agreement to launch a digitial Spanish telehealth platform for employers

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ConsejoSano, a client of AllCode, and Mercer announced that they've signed an agreement to launch a digital Spanish telehealth platform for Spanish speakers. "Mercer announced today that it has formed an alliance with ConsejoSano to provide employers and their employees and dependents the first and only telehealth service in the US tailor-made [...]

JoiColor System App is now available on the App Store!

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AllCode today announced the release of a new iPhone app, the JoiColor System App, built for Zotos International a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shiseido America Corp, http://www.joico.com. The JoiColor System App provides you with top-notch hair color education and support at your fingertips. The JoiColor System App teaches you the latest tips and tricks to get [...]

Amazon SNS Push Notification Tutorial on Android using GCM

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Amazon SNS Push Notification Tutorial on Android using GCM Do you have a project where an Android device needs to receive push notifications from an endpoint registered on Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)? Amazon has a sample Android app, but, unfortunately the only thing this sample app does is register with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). You [...]