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Evolving to a Microservice Architecture for your Mobile and Cloud applications

By |2019-12-09T18:46:45+00:00December 3rd, 2019|AWS, AWS App Development, AWS Consulting Partner, AWS Kubernetes|

Microservices are the state-of the art software development technique that structures the backend of an application into loosely coupled services that can be reused by other applications. Each service is self-contained and will implement a single business capability. Mobile and cloud applications typically start with two repositories in source control; one repository for the front-end [...]

Managing your AWS Kubernetes Cluster from the command line – Part 2

By |2019-09-25T01:41:31+00:00June 13th, 2019|AWS, AWS App Development, AWS Consulting Partner, AWS Kubernetes, Kubernetes|

In our last blog post on managing AWS Kubernetes from the command line, we taught you how to list the names of the available pods. You can find that post here. Once you have the list of pods, you can then perform a number of operations from the command line directly against the pod using [...]

Ethereum Truffle Pet Shop DApp running on an Amazon EC2 Instance

By |2019-09-25T01:42:26+00:00August 24th, 2017|AWS App Development, Ethereum Apps|

In this tutorial, we're going to deploy the Ethereum Truffle Pet Shop DApp demo to an AWS EC2 Micro instance. If you've played with Ethereum's Solidity programming language to deploy smart contracts to the blockchain, you've come to the realization that Ethereum and Solidity are desperately in need of a development framework. Truffle is the [...]

The Ratings on AllCode’s Android JoiColor System App are Pretty Amazing

By |2019-09-25T01:43:20+00:00November 25th, 2015|Android, Android App Development, AWS App Development|

AllCode released a new Android app last week, the JoiColor System App, built for Zotos International a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shiseido America Corp, The JoiColor System App is a free mobile application. The app provides instant, 24/7 access to a world of hair color formulas, step-by-steps, how-to videos, inspiring salon ready techniques and so [...]

Amazon SNS Push Notification Tutorial on Android using GCM

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Amazon SNS Push Notification Tutorial on Android using GCM Do you have a project where an Android device needs to receive push notifications from an endpoint registered on Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)? Amazon has a sample Android app, but, unfortunately the only thing this sample app does is register with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). You [...]