AllCode has many years of experience building Android mobile apps. Most of our mobile apps are built in Java. We occasionally will do React Native.

Preview 2017: Top Programming Languages

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Preview 2017: Top Programming Languages Whether you are a seasoned Developer or new to the game, you will be aware of the many programming languages available to you as you start work on a new web or mobile app. Sometimes the decision about which language to use is straightforward, but other times you may have a [...]

Top Web & Mobile App Design Trends 2017

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App Design Trends for 2017 The field of digital design is developing at breakneck speed with terms such as User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI) and Interaction Design (IxD) becoming increasingly common. These fields of study and are getting better and better at finding the ‘sweet spot’ between technological capacity and human behaviour [...]

5 Easy Project Management Tips

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5 Easy Project Mangement Tips This blog was originally wrote in 2016 and has been updated frequently. So you’re dreaming big dreams for 2020 - maybe you want to start a blog, set-up an ecommerce site for your handmade throw cushions, or finally create that cooking app that you always wish existed… [...]

Native Apps vs. Non-Native Apps for iOS and Android?

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"Should we build Native Apps or Non-Native Apps for iOS and Android?"  We get this question all of the time.  In most cases, the answer is yes,  your mobile presence should be native. The only time that you should consider building a non-native app is if your end user for the mobile app will not appreciate [...]

So You’re Thinking About Having Your IT Team Do Mobile App Development?

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So You're Thinking About Having Your IT Team Do Mobile App Development? Your company requires a mobile app. You've evaluated potential vendors.  The CFO asks the IT team ,who has no mobile experience, to investigate building the mobile app internally. Here are some items that you will want to consider: Do not build a hybrid mobile app [...]

CareSentinel with support for CareCom is now available in the App Store and Google Play

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AllCode today announced the release of new versions of the iOS and Android apps, CareSentinel, built for Loon Medical, Inc., with support for CareCom These new versions of CareSentinel add support for CareCom. The CareSentinel CareCom button uses wireless Bluetooth technology to seamlessly alert a Caregivers Smartphone or tablet using the CareSentinel App. By [...]

New Version of Joico System Color App Version 1.1 – Coming Soon

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AllCode today announced a new release of the iPhone and Android app, the JoiColor System App V1.1, built for Joico, The JoiColor System App allows you to create your own hair color using Joico's breakthrough ArgiPlex Technology. The JoiColor System App teaches you the latest tips and tricks to get the very color that you desire . [...]

ConsejoSano and Mercer sign agreement to launch a digitial Spanish telehealth platform for employers

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ConsejoSano, a client of AllCode, and Mercer announced that they've signed an agreement to launch a digital Spanish telehealth platform for Spanish speakers. "Mercer announced today that it has formed an alliance with ConsejoSano to provide employers and their employees and dependents the first and only telehealth service in the US tailor-made [...]

The Ratings on AllCode’s Android JoiColor System App are Pretty Amazing

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AllCode released a new Android app last week, the JoiColor System App, built for Zotos International a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shiseido America Corp, The JoiColor System App is a free mobile application. The app provides instant, 24/7 access to a world of hair color formulas, step-by-steps, how-to videos, inspiring salon ready techniques and so [...]