AllCode today announced the release of a new Android app, CareSentinel, built for Loon Medical, Inc.,

CareSentinel – The Caregivers’ Helper – uses Bluetooth technology and a set of wireless home sensors that instantly send push notifications to your phone or tablet. Their home-health monitoring system uses call buttons, chair, bed, incontinence, and doorway sensors to help Caregivers find peace of mind while maintaining a secure connection to their patients or loved ones. Upload your monitors’ data to the CareSentinel cloud,,  to see trends, generate reports, and more information about your system.

CareSentinel, developed by AllCode, is a free mobile application that is available now. The app demonstrates AllCode’s commitment to mobile, cloud, and BLE solutions and our capabilities in developing cutting-edge mobile applications that help strengthen our clients’ brands and evolve their businesses.

You can download CareSentinel here.