AllCode releases Walk Pro – An Augmented-Reality iOS Mobile Application

This week, AllCode released Walk Pro for El Cavalho, an augmented-reality iOS mobile application used to count horse strides. Walk Pro gives equestrians a competitive advantage by using augmented-reality to survey their surroundings to get the most accurate stride count possible. Inclines, declines, wet surfaces, and hard or soft ground are observed and accounted [...]

Introducing NEO Flux – The Lightweight C# NEO API Server

NEO Flux aims to be the first lightweight C# NEO API server AllCode has started publishing to our neo-flux github repository. AllCode started working on neo-flux after incurring pain with neo-python due to neo-python's requirement that the NEO production or test blockchain be synchronized in order to make use of it. neo-flux is based [...]

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Pareto Network’s ERC20 Smart Contract Audit Report

# 1. Introduction This document is a security audit of Pareto Network’s ERC-20 token contract supporting their decentralized ecosystem. The scope of the security audit was restricted to: * Scan the contracts listed above for generic security issues using automated systems and manually inspecting the results. * Manually auditing the contracts listed above for security [...]

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Why Your ICO Needs KYC Compliance

Know Your Customer, referred to as ‘KYC’, is the process of knowing and identifying your customers. This is an integral piece of launching a token sale for Cryptocurrencies because of the regulations in certain countries like the United States, China, Korea and so on. Any type of money service business (MSB) requires regulatory processes enforced [...]

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How to Deploy a Crowdsale Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to your own Private Testnet

We've been trying to deploy a Crowdsale Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Solidity contract to the Ethereum block chain for the better part of 2 months. Code for an Initial Coin Offering Fund raise We've looked into the Open Zeppelins tutorials on How to Create Token an Initial Coin Offering using Truffle and Open [...]

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Ethereum Truffle Pet Shop DApp running on an Amazon EC2 Instance

In this tutorial, we're going to deploy the Ethereum Truffle Pet Shop DApp demo to an AWS EC2 Micro instance. If you've played with Ethereum's Solidity programming language to deploy smart contracts to the blockchain, you've come to the realization that Ethereum and Solidity are desperately in need of a development framework. Truffle is the [...]

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Successful Health Apps Part 2: User-Centered Design

  Here is the second part of our blog series on building a successful healthcare application for web or mobile. This post focuses on utilizing ‘user-centered design’ methodologies to enhance the usability and usefulness of your app. But firstly, what is ‘user-centered design’? User-centered design (UCD) or user-driven development (UDD) is a rigorous, user-focused methodology [...]

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Technical Analysis of the $31 Million Dollar Ethereum Hack

Here's an interesting analysis of the $31 Million Ethereum Hack. From a technical standpoint, it appears as though the software developers who built the Parity wallet put in a catch all function that enables unknown functions that are payable, that send you Ether, to default to depositing the Ether. function() payable { [...]

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