How to display a report parameter label field in a Microsoft Visual Studio Report

While working on a client issue today, I ran into an issue when I was trying to display a report label parameter in a Microsoft Visual Studio report. For this client, we use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to deliver  real-time reports. We leverage the Report Definition Language Client-Side (RDLC ) in Visual Studio to [...]

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Demo iOS Mobile Apps using QuickTime

Demoing iOS Mobile Apps using QuickTime is actually more complicated than it should be when you have multiple iOS Cloud accounts and multiple MacBook laptops. The first problem that I invariably encounter when I'm connecting my iPhone to my MacBook via a lightning cable is my iPhone will keep switching on and off charge. This [...]

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Evolving to a Microservice Architecture for your Mobile and Cloud applications

Microservices are the state-of the art software development technique that structures the backend of an application into loosely coupled services that can be reused by other applications. Each service is self-contained and will implement a single business capability. Mobile and cloud applications typically start with two repositories in source control; one repository for the front-end [...]

AllCode Recognized as Amazon Web Services Select Consulting Partner

AllCode, Amazon Web Services, AWS Partner San Francisco, CA, August 23, 2019 – AllCode announced today that we have been recognized as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner. Since 2016, AllCode has delivered mission-critical solutions on AWS for commercial customers. Receiving designation as an AWS Select Consulting partner is a direct result of [...]

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How to connect to an AWS DocumentDB from a Kubernetes Pod

If you're using AWS DocumentDB with Kubernetes and you want to connect to your DocumentDB cluster, you'll first need to configure your AWS and Kubectl command line interfaces. You can learn how to use the AWS CLI and Kubectl here. After you're able to connect to your Kubernetes cluster via the AWS command line, you'll [...]

Troubleshooting and migrating your secured AWS DocumentDB inside Kubernetes

In this article, we explain a few tools to manage your AWS DocumentDB inside Kubernetes. 1) Launching a MongoDB client pod to connect to AWS DocumentDB Using the following command kubectl run -i --rm --tty mongo-client --image=mvertes/alpine-mongo --restart=Never --command -- /bin/bash You will get shell access to a pod inside the k8s environment that will [...]

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How to connect to a VPN on Mac OS X with OpenVPN, Tunnelblick, and DUO

How to connect to a VPN on Mac OS X with OpenVPN, Tunnelblick, and DUO Download Tunnelblick.  - (stable version is advised) Install Tunnelblick.Launch TunnelblickDrop the opvn configuration file provided by your system administrator into Tunnelblick on the left hand side panel labeled Configurations. Install the DUO Mobile App on your phone. the [...]

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