AllCode has been performing blockchain software development since early 2017. We initially started with Ethereum. We wrote Solidity contracts to create an initial AllCode Coin, an ERC-20 compliant token. Writing Solidity contracts in Javascript proved to be excruciating until we discovered Truffle and OpenZeppelin.

ERC-20 Smart Contract with Truffle

Next, we started investigating NEO. NEO is not based on Proof of Work (PoW), which means you don’t have to mine. Mining is expensive and tedious. NEO’s consensus protocol is based upon the Default Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm (dBFT), which is a form of Proof of Stake. NEO also does not require a custom programming language. Smart Contracts can be written in C# in Microsoft Visual Studio or Python.

NEP-5 Smart Contract C#

We liked NEO so much that we built a new way to interface with the NEO Blockchain, NEO Flux. Prior to NEO Flux, you had to leverage NEO Python, which requires you to pull down the entire NEO Blockchain on test or production, which can be painful and time consuming.

neo-flux C# REST API Server

Recently, we’ve also been doing a lot of exchange work for cryptocurrencies. The exchanges will make use of open source versions of Peatio and BitExchange.  These exchanges require in depth knowledge of Bitcoin Core, geth, NEO, etc.

We’re also helping an Ethereum based solution to leverage their ERC-20 token to authenticate, create intel, send rewards, and distribute rewards via MetaMask\Ledger Nano .

We’ve also delivered our first cryptocurrency wallet on Android for the NEO Blockchain.

Silicon Wallet for NEO, GAS, and NEP-5 Tokens