5 Quick tips to Staying Productive at work in 2020

Productivity and organization at work

Have you ever made a to-do list for your workday and ended up only achieving half of it, if that? Well, you are in the same boat as everybody else in this world. Staying productive, better yet organized, can be a tricky task. In order to stay organized at work, you need to manage your time efficiently. Follow these tips to achieve greater productivity:

1. Setting time periods to check notifications

A great way to manage notifications is by creating time periods to respond to emails and messages. For example, if you set aside 20 minutes every 3 hours, you can block out the need to check your email every time one pops up and won’t lose focus on your main priority. Set an alarm for these activities every morning or use a tool like Google Calendar that will notify you when it is time to check your messages.

Set time to check notifications while at work

2. Clear communication with team members

Get out there and introduce yourself to everybody in the establishment and figure out what it is that they do, learn their schedule and the way they like to work. Using a tool like Slack in your workplace makes this very easy to do.

Don’t hesitate to share this information with your colleagues as well. You will have a better understanding of who to go to when you need assistance or need to collaborate on a particular project or issue.

Maintain clear communication while at work for a productive lifestyle

3. Stop multitasking

Although it may be possible to do two, three, or ten things at once, thanks to the internet, multitasking drastically reduces productivity. Concentrate on finishing one thing at a time, and you will notice that you will start to get things done more efficiently. Instead of starting a task when you think of it, take note of that task and add it to your to-do list.

Multitasking at work can actually reduce productivity in the workplace

4. Create a file naming system

When titling the document by the iteration you are working on, you can reduce the amount of overlapping work. For example, every time you create a new version, simply change one number in the file name like so, “V1_Stylesheet, V2_Stylesheet” and so on.

Create a file system to reduce double work and wasting time at work

5. Declutter and organize

Decluttering your workspace doesn’t only involve your desk. Go through your computer at least once a week and clean up any of the clutter. Put things in the files that they belong to and delete extra files that are no longer relevant.

Declutter your workspace to keep a clear head at work.


The year 2020 is going to be a very competitive one. Focus on applying some of these techniques to your workflow and you will be on track to achieving an organized and productive lifestyle. Let us know some of the techniques you use to stay productive.