Top 3 Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

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Top 3 Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams Collaboration tools What are collaboration tools? Online collaboration tools are tools that help teams organize their objectives and goals. These tools help remote teams collaborate, communicate, coordinate, and cooperate on projects. Why use collaboration tools? These days, finding people that [...]

How to Create and add a Slack Workspace

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Introduction Creating a new Slack workspace is the first step toward organizing your team's communication. Slack is a great tool that allows users to easily navigate and communicate among several teams and workspaces. This lesson is intended for people who are already signed into their Slack app and want to [...]

AWS Events for 2020 Quarter 1

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AWS Events 2020 Q1 Throughout the year, Amazon Web Services hosts conferences for people of all ages. In 2020, there are roughly 46 events that are hosted in areas all around the world. AWS offers many free events and programs that are designed to inform people from all industries about the [...]

How to display a report parameter label field in a Microsoft Visual Studio Report

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While working on a client issue today, I ran into an issue when I was trying to display a report label parameter in a Microsoft Visual Studio report. For this client, we use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to deliver  real-time reports. We leverage the Report Definition Language Client-Side (RDLC ) in Visual Studio to [...]

Demo iOS Mobile Apps using QuickTime

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Demoing iOS Mobile Apps using QuickTime is actually more complicated than it should be when you have multiple iOS Cloud accounts and multiple MacBook laptops. The first problem that I invariably encounter when I'm connecting my iPhone to my MacBook via a lightning cable is my iPhone will keep switching on and off charge. This [...]

Microservice Architecture vs. Monolithic Architecture

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Microservice Architecture vs. Monolithic Architecture A microservice architecture is a critical way of keeping up with the technology curve of today's ever-shifting digital world. Over the past few years, microservices have become a popular option when developing web and mobile cloud applications. Tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Netflix [...]